The Photo 52 Project

Photo 52

The concept started simple.  Take one good photo a week for an entire year and see what I end up with.

Photo 52 - Cider House Apples
Mamiya AFD2/PhaseOne P20+, 1/1600 @ f/3.5

What happened was interesting in that it evolved into a creative outlet that merged with Instagram and became a repository for images I wanted to keep in a larger file format.  But, it did force me to look at things with a more strict eye and ask “is there really an image here?”

Photo 52 - Death Valley Sunset
Canon EOS 1D Mark2, 70-200 f/2.8 IS L, f/8 @ 1/160

Most images on here are with cell phones, but there’s an occasional Medium Format or DSLR as I find something worth posting.


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